Smart Hospital Management System

Smart Hospital Management System


The lack of accurate, available and real time information is a common challenge faced by every organisation. IoT based Patient Record Monitoring System (PRMS) is helpful for doctors and medical staff to track the patients treatment information, prescription as well patient OPD visit in hospital and in other branches or hospitals.


High Accuracy
Real-Time Monitoring
Historical Data
Increased Productivity
Increased Delivery of Service
Increased Consistency
Customized Reporting
Overall Control and Monitoring

Patient Record Analysis Board:

This is the picture of "Patient Record Analysis System" installed at one of the hospital site. In this, the user can check patients data such as age, gender, weight, date of visits and diagnose history for all the departments and can also monitor prescritions, allergies, side effects, etc with the number of occurrences. You can also track oxygen level, body temperature, blood pressure, etc with hourly reports that are generated through the application.

Smart OPD Reception:

In this system one Android/iOS based application will work in background which will synchronise between the doctor and medicine counter. By using IoT based PRMS an appointment will be created from OPD reception for the patient by using patient's mobile number and his/her name with address. In real-time, same information will be available at doctor's desk with a token number assigned. Patient will go for checkup, turn-wise, as per their token number. Doctor will then diagnose the patient and prescribe the medicine. All of this information will be filled in application and information for prescribed medicine will be available at medicine counter.


GSM/SMS Integration
IoT Enabled Remote Access
Cloud Based Record Analysis
Centralised Patient Record Analysis
Critical Alarm Generation