Predictive / Preventive Maintenance System

Predictive / Preventive Maintenance System


With increasing automation in production and packing, the number of equipment used are increasing day by day. Maintaining all these devices, on a regular basis, has become a tire-some task to perform.

To overcome the problem of tiring predictive maintenance process, we have designed an IoT based system to monitor all the motors, pumps, compressors, and related equipment by sensing their temperature as well as vibration in all 3 axis.

The continuous monitoring of these devices provides with many benefits for the user.

  1. TIME SAVING: No more spending time in checking each and every motor during preventive maintenance schedule. Since the data of all motors is available at one place, so it will save lots of time involved in manual checking.

  2. LESS MANUAL WORK: Rather than going to each and every motor, the user can simply scroll through line-wise screens in software and check condition of each and every motor fitted with sensor.

  3. AUTOMATED ALERTS: In case any motor shows abnormality, it will be displayed in the software.

  4. MUTIPLE FAULT DETECTION: Rise in temperature or vibration will occur in case motor needs more oiling, change of bearing, or tightening of screws for mounting. Even if there is any issue with coupling, it will lead to increase in vibrations, thereby alerting the user.


Rotating Machines
Reciprocating Machines
Underwater Submersible Pumps
Conveyor Systems
Heat Exchangers
Rolling Mill
Spindle Motor

Goal of CBM

The main goal of condition based maintenance is to help you optimize your maintenance resources by performing maintenance work only when needed. CBM makes use of the Predictive maintenance tools to detect, monitor, analyze and detect anomalies in machines.

Measurement Methods

There are two types of vibration measurement methods "Permanent online vibration monitoring system" and "Portable off-line monitoring system". Either one is selected generally depending on importance rank of equipment.

1. Online Monitoring

PMS Online

Applicable for Scenario where:

  • Operates Constantly
  • Cannot be Approached
  • Deteriorates Slowly

2. Offline Monitoring

PMS Online

Applicable for Scenario where:

  • Has Minimal impact from Breakdown
  • Is Easy to be Measured
  • Deteriorates Quickly

Machine Monitoring Functions and Features:

  • Defect detection and Alerts.
  • Real Time and Long term Data Reporting with Trend monitoring.
  • FFT for Spectral Analysis of Rotating equipment.
  • Availability of Automatic and Manual rollback feature for firmware upgrade OTA (Over the Air) by wireless technology.
  • Factory firmware option is also available.
  • Geo-location.
  • Polarity reversal and Overload power supply protection is also provided.
  • Visual feedback through LEDs and colour codes. Easy 1-min installation.


protocol 802.11 b/g/n support
Frequency Range 2.4GHz to 2.5GHz (2412 MHz to 2484 MHz)
Transmit power 802.11 b: +19.5 dBm,
802.11 g: +16 dBm,
802.11 n: +14 dBm
Receive Sensitivity 802.11 b: -91 dbm (11 Mbps),
802.11 g: -74 dbm (54 Mbps),
802.11 n: -71 dbm (MCS7)
Antenna Integrated in device
Security WPA/WPA2
Encryption WEP/TKIP/AES
Network Protocol HTTP, MQTT, TCP/IPv4


Vibration Sensor MEMS based Tri-axial accelerometer
Frequency range 10 Hz to 1300 Hz (X, Y and Z axis)
Default configuration F-max: 1300 Hz and LOR: 200
Output data rate (Sampling rate) Up to 3.3kHz
Sensitivity 0.122 mg/LSB (±4G)
Resolution 16 bit
Derived values • 3-axis acceleration RMS and velocity RMS
• 3-axis acceleration and velocity FFT
• 3-axis spectral features as per configuration
FFT frequency resolution (delta-f) Configurable between 0.2033 and 6.5039 Hz
Shock Tolerance Range 10,000g for 0.2ms
Temperature sensor Range -20 to 85°C

Stand Alone Compact CBM System

  • Compact size : 84mm*58mm*30mm in dimension
  • Power supply : 5Vdc (Mobile Charger will do)
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity : 3.5 -4 Mbps speed
  • API can be shared
  • Data on cloud (AWS Cloud)
  • Magnet mounting, Stud Mounting easily
  • Firmware upgradation over the Air
  • No extra software requirement
  • Mobile app and dashboard functionality
  • Installations up to 3000+ installations
  • No wiring or programming required
  • Easy Installation with “FEW“ minutes
  • FFT Functionality
  • Report and Alarms

Gateway Based CBM Solutions

  • This solution will interact with gateway via Bluetooth technology
  • Power supply : Battery operated
  • Gateway Interface : Ethernet
  • Can be interfaced up to sensor 256 nodes
  • API can be shared
  • Data on cloud and on premises solution
  • Stud Mounting easily
  • Firmware upgradation over the Air
  • Packaged solution with software hardware
  • Mobile app and dashboard functionality
  • Waterfall analysis ,Machine downtime etc

Controller Based CBM Solution

  • This solution consists of probe types sensors as per customised requirements
  • Cabled sensors can be extended as per requirement
  • This solutions is available for High temperature and vibration level requirements
  • This solutions addresses all reciprocating application needs
  • Needs dedication online/offline software
  • Hardware controller and accessories